Facebook and Israel under Cyber attack


Israel channel 2 News reports that thousands of Israelis Facebook accounts have been hacked in the past 24 hours ahead of an organised cyber-attack against Israel that was declared by Anonymous. At the same time it is reported that Israeli hackers are fighting back by attacking websites in countries such as Pakistan.


Screen shot of an Israeli hacked website (Mako.co.il)

The Cyber War, which was supposed to start in 24 hours – began earlier today. Channel 2 reports that according to the hacker group “Anonymous” it has hacked 19000 Israeli Facebook accounts and well as several national websites.

One of the Israeli sites that were affected was the Ministry of Intelligence website. Dozens of other Israeli websites were affected.

According to reports in the Israeli media, Israeli hackers fought back immediately, by shutting down several Pakistani news websites, and also the site of the Association of Iranian Sculptors – where the Israeli flag was planted on the first page.

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